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Our mission

To support and advise our partners in the realization of their technological projects, thanks to a team of software experts who cultivate and share best practices (TDD, CI/CD, DevOps, Agile, Clean Code) as well as their know-how.

Our vision

To build a quality community of software artisans to meet the technological challenges of Quebec and international companies.

It’s already quite a story

Kumojin is an IT development company founded in 2018 by Julien Maitrehenry and Lukasz Kokot. These two new technology buffs wanted to share their vision of artisanal development and entrepreneurship within a company that resembles them and whose expertise is at the service of companies’ digital challenges.

Based in Quebec, Kumojin is at the heart of the emergence of new
technology start-ups. Thanks to this strategic positioning, the company keeps abreast of the latest trends while keeping an eye on the world.

Kumojin’s growth and influence are based on a new approach to consulting and technology product development. To date, more than fifty customers have placed their trust in us on both sides of the Atlantic.



Where does the name KUMOJIN come from?

You will probably wonder why these two French-Canadians chose a Japanese-sounding name?

Julien and Lukasz are both passionate about Japan and have visited on several occasions. Not surprisingly, their philosophy is largely influenced by this country steeped in history, codes, values and rigor.

So they have tried to translate these principles, so dear to them, into the company’s name. The word kumo (雲), which means “cloud” in Japanese, was chosen in reference to the cloud, and jin (人), is one of the readings of the word “person”, as the company wishes to be resolutely turned towards people, whether its partners or its employees.

The dream team

The management team

Julien Maitrehenry

Cofounder, CTO, senior cloud developer 

Julien Maitrehenry

Cofounder, CTO, senior cloud developer 

  • DevOps Specialist
  • Cloud Infrastructure Expert
  • MVP Microsoft Azure
  • Speaker

Lukasz Kokot

Cofounder, CTO, senior full stack developer, software architect

Lukasz Kokot

Cofounder, CTO, senior full stack developer, software architect

  • TDD, Clean Code, REST and SOA Expert
  • Software Craftsmanship Philosophy
  • Software Architecture Expert
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Santane Weill

Vice-President, Strategic Partnerships and Talent Attraction

Santane Weill

Vice-President, Strategic Partnerships and Talent Attraction

  • Expert in recruitment, personnel management and organizational development
  • Marketing communication and IP
  • Company administrator of the CCI France of Québec City

Damien Beaufils

Director of Software Engineering

Damien Beaufils

Director of Software Engineering

  • Expert in development quality practices
  • Certified Spring Professional
  • Certified in digital service eco-design
  • Speaker

It is also possible thanks to them

We’ve built a community of IT enthusiasts and software artisans who are experts in cloud technologies, always ready to cultivate and share their know-how with their peers.

They work hard every day to design an architecture, integrate the best of their code, optimally migrate and efficiently deploy web and mobile applications in the cloud, and then maintain the product to facilitate your technological transition.


Our values

We are driven by a MISSION ...

At Kumojin, we're here to support and advise you at every stage of your project to help you make the digital shift. To achieve this mission, our software crafters cultivate and share best practices (TDD, CI/CD, DevOps, Agile, Clean Code) as well as their know-how.

We integrate our VALUES into our daily lives

Influenced by the principles of Shintoism, each day is guided by five key values, The Big 5:

While keeping a forward-looking VISION

We're building a quality community of software artisans to best meet the needs of Quebec and international companies.


We are transparent in everything we do, and this is the basis of our success as a company. We share successes and challenges with our teams and customers alike. This accessibility of information helps us to create a healthy and pleasant working atmosphere, based on trust in others.


Whether it’s working collaboratively with other team members, following up projects with our customers or making strategic decisions for the company, we encourage interpersonal communication. This is practiced daily through workshops, feedback, dev talks and simply by working together.


We’re proud of what we deliver! All our projects follow best development practices. We strive to deliver high-quality technological products that are both high-performance and scalable, to increase operational efficiency and anticipate maintenance needs.


We guarantee equal treatment for all members of our company in terms of salary, career development, leave and special benefits.


We’re proud to build a community that embraces diversity and varied backgrounds. Our team works in both French and English, and is enriched by the experiences and business relationships we develop with our customers around the world.

Our involvement

Our CEO, Julien Maitrehenry, is recognized by the DevOps community as a Docker Captain and MVP at Microsoft Azure. He is also involved in the Agile Tour committee in Quebec City, and mentors students at the 42 Quebec school.

Because of our origins, we wanted to continue to develop our impact on the Franco-Quebec community by being a director of the Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de France in Quebec City and of the French Tech committee in Quebec City through our VP Santane Weill.

Our developers also help to promote their know-how by taking part in conferences (ConFoo, WAQ...) and speaking at schools such as the Wagon in Montreal..

Fun every day!

Get involved in the technology community too!

At Kumojin, we believe in making work fun. Professional and personal fulfillment daily is our priority. That’s why fun is essential for a good state of mind and team cohesion. Discover our philosophy!

Would you like to improve your skills, learn new things every day, share your know-how and join a human adventure? Contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

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