Our services

Analyze and estimate your projects

Create an MVP architecture and UX/UI design

Develop and reinforce teams

Implement and migrate to a cloud platform

Support and maintain digital products

Our sense of software craftsmanship combined with agile practices gives you tailor-made, efficient and sustainable applications.

A solution
designed to your needs

We build your web and mobile applications using a global, flexible and personalized approach.

After analyzing your project, we provide strategic advice before defining the architecture and design system.
We develop your scalable technological product in line with software engineering best practices.

And thanks to our joint vision, we optimize the delivery and budget of each of your projects, to be as close as possible to your reality. Communication and transparency are the basis of our business relationships.

A range of skills


The experience

Our teams combine the enthusiasm of youth with the wisdom of maturity to create an explosive cocktail in the Quebec and international digital landscape.

As technical in the art of code as they are hilarious in real life, our software craftsmen are committed to delivering a quality technological solution.

The best tools

To carry out their missions, our experts take advantage of the best languages, cloud platforms and programming frameworks.

  • AWS, une plateforme de cloud que Kumojin utilise
  • Azure Microsoft, une plateforme de cloud que Kumojin utilise
  • google cloud platform, une plateforme d'infonuagique que les équipes de Kumojin utilisent

Fields of expertise

  • DevOps—
  • TDD—
  • Clean code—
  • SOA—
  • DevOps—
  • TDD—
  • Clean Code—
  • SOA—

Unfailing flexibility

Web and mobile applications are not immutable over time. Our teams are well aware of this, and build an architecture that closely follows the evolution of your project, as well as the latest trends in
in terms of code.

Thanks to this flexible approach, we deliver a unique technological product that optimally meets your needs.