WaterShed Monitoring


Water is a natural resource used by many operators daily and has always been preserved. However, the systems for collecting, exploiting and valorizing data related to this source of life are not appropriate for the real needs of these stakeholders.

The French-Canadian SME WaterShed Monitoring has developed a data management software to help organizations that collect, distribute, clean and discharge water to optimize their operations through better collection, management and use of water-specific data. The company brings together scientific experts to improve water-related practices and protect this precious resource.


WaterShed Monitoring has developed the innovative Enki platform to simplify the standardization of processes and the sharing of water-related information.

In 2022, the company called on our services to optimize the millions of data collected by Enki and to consolidate the application’s base so that it could be customized for each client. These were technical challenges that our teams were able to adapt to perfectly.

“In this project, one of the challenges is to rework and strengthen Enki’s code so that the application is adapted to the growing number of visitors. We need to stabilize the platform and make it more powerful. The WaterShed Monitoring team is very attentive to our proposals and improvements. They trust us completely, which allows us to propose solutions that are appropriate to the technological realities they must face.”

Simon - Full-stack developer

“The project uses the Ruby on Rails framework, the technology I was trained on, but its application is much more complex and elaborate than what I was able to learn before. This has allowed me to expand my knowledge and understand how to use in a better way this application framework to integrate new features into the platform. In addition, I have the opportunity to leverage my professional experience in product management, as I am also responsible for managing the team’s tasks and communicating with the client.”

Anne-Marie - Full-stack developer

WaterShed Monitoring

Our experts accompany and advise WaterShed Monitoring, whether it is to adapt the system architecture to other interfaces, add functionality, or eliminate technical debt, to adjust the platform to the client’s needs. Our approach is comprehensive and scalable.

We are proud to support this responsible company that continues to grow by acquiring new customers in Canada, France, Germany and also in Switzerland to continue to protect this indispensable resource throughout the world.

“We are very pleased with the collaboration with Kumojin for the development and ongoing maintenance of our SaaS platform Enki. Whether it’s customizing features or creating new tools, the team has demonstrated agility in meeting the needs of all our customers. Kumojin is a great partner for WaterShed Monitoring, and we are very grateful to count on the professionalism and skills of the team.”

Sonja Behmel

CEO and founder

Thanks to WaterShed Monitoring for their confidence in our company and our team of software crafters!


  • Implementation of new data publishing functionality
  • Development of a public user registration and integration process
  • Adding new organizations to the platform
  • Maintenance of the application (e.g. security updates)
  • Multiple enhancements to report generation (charts, Excel tables…) and data import
  • Multiple enhancements to data creation and management to optimize the user experience
  • Bug fixes




  • Front-End Ruby on Rails, HTML, SCSS, JavaScript

  • Back-End Ruby on Rails, Redis, PostgreSQL

  • Infra Cloud66, AWS, Sentry