TheOne IA


TheOne AI is revolutionizing the jewelry shopping experience. Being a pioneer in applying artificial intelligence in this sector, the company accompanies customers at the beginning of their purchasing reflection. TheOne AI provides jewelers and their customers with two state-of-the-art features – the AI-ssistant- and -theVisual Match.

Kumojin had the opportunity to work hand in hand with TheOne AI from February 2019 until March 2020. In order to perfect the two features already offered by their company, TheOne AI was looking for a partner able to understand their vision as well as the needs of their customers. Therefore, Kumojin took up the challenge of perfecting and consolidating the technology already used by TheOne AI to better support the evolution of their business model. After only three months of work and constant improvement of the two functionalities, the existing web application has become a SaaS widget specific to a B2B sales strategy. The work carried out reflected the aspirations expressed by the jewelers encountered by TheOne AI.

Kumojin’s expertise, professionalism and fluid communication were the key to the success of our project. Despite the geographic distance, we worked together very effectively. We have always had a person dedicated to our company that facilitated the efficiency of our exchanges. Our questions were answered quickly using tools like Slack. Without a doubt, we very much appreciated the work done as much as the development process.

Juliette Gueroult - Founder


  • Conversion of a B2C web application into a B2B SaaS widget
  • Implementation of new features
  • Application maintenance


AI-assistant: The person doesn’t know what they want to buy but knows who will wear the jewelry and will gladly take a questionnaire in exchange for jewelry recommendations that are ‘quite’ them.

Visual match: The person does not know what they want to buy but has a picture of the type of jewelry they like. The Internet user shares the image and the algorithm which uses artificial intelligence will find among the dedicated catalog, the jewels which come closest to it.




  • Back-End Node.js, MongoDB, Docker

  • Front-End Angular 6, Material Design

  • Cloud AWS


  • Agile