Founded in 2020, Acquire’s mission is to empower online merchants of all sizes with an improved checkout solution. Based in San Francisco, this start-up makes the shopping experience easy by bringing together online advertising, marketing, social commerce, and e-commerce. Acquire’s first product is a simple, elegant direct link to checkout that integrates with social media platforms and email marketing. For more information, visit Acquire’s website.

Fewer clicks, fewer redirects, a simplified purchasing process, and an app that revolutionizes online shopping.

Only one year after its creation, the start-up created a simple checkout link that transformed e-commerce. The development of this technical solution was not straightforward or without surprises, though. Along the way, the team at Acquire had to embrace values that defined who they are and how they operate. This enabled them to build a powerful platform that now helps numerous e-commerce businesses.


Since July 2020, Kumojin has been contributing to the growth of Acquire by supporting their software development. Since the start of our collaboration, four applications have been developed by Kumojin. Each of these applications is intended to facilitate business activities of specific actors involved in e-commerce. To meet the needs of Acquire, Kumojin has adapted its range of services throughout the project.

Depending on the requests of the client, Kumojin provided flexibility in terms of team structure which translated into significant savings on the part of our client. Although the project was particularly challenging due to the COVID context, the team at Kumojin was able to successfully develop a complex and continuously evolving design that enabled Acquire to overcome numerous technical challenges.

Teams at Kumojin and Acquire were also working together to ensure the compatibility between Shopify and the checkout, both in relation to Front-End and Back-End. The creation and subsequent integration of these elements with Acquire’s e-commerce solution required our developers to be proficient in a wide range of technical skills. Not only were Acquire’s executives extremely satisfied with the quality of our work, but they also witnessed the tight connection that we developed with their employees throughout this project. This allowed us to work together in an efficient manner.

“In a short period of time, our team was able to implement a very complex, responsive, and pixel-perfect design. This quality of service was the key to the success of this project.”

Lukasz Kokot

CTO and Kumojin co-founder

And, according to several developers at Kumojin, working for Acquire was both rewarding and educational:

“The technical challenges are many and the complexity of the application is certain, but that’s also what makes the project interesting and also challenging because the environment, as well as the solution, are unique.”

Faustine - Full-stack Developer

“By being involved in different aspects of the development, we were able to contribute by providing low-cost solutions in response to different issues.”

Camélie - Full-stack Developer

It is also worth mentioning that the Kumojin team was able to work with an agile approach in co-development with the internal Acquire team. Fluid and fast communication between the teams helped maintain harmony during development. Geographical distance and time zones (Acquire’s team is located in the United States and Canada), never affected the quality of the applications delivered by the Kumojin team.

Acquire wanted to recognize the team for their work:

“The ownership and the energy of Kumojin is undoubtedly a major asset for us. Their expertise, combined with the skills of our employees, enabled the delivery of a high-quality MVP. This is definitely an essential part of creating the right product!”

Maxime Pruvost

CTO and co-founder at Acquire

The entire team at Kumojin is very proud of the accomplished work. We thank Acquire for trusting us with this project, and we are looking forward to providing further support to this inspiring company in the development of its unique digital solution.


  • Creation of a real-time analytics platform with a visual application, to provide customers with data related to their campaigns (checkout links)
  • Infrastructure management




  • Back-End Node.js, Nest, GraphQL

  • Front-End Vue.js, Vuetify

  • DevOps Kubernetes, AWS, Elasticsearch, CircleCI


  • TDD, SOLID, Agile