December 17, 2023

5 years of Kumojin: the company serving your technological challenges since 2018

Last September, our company celebrated its 5th anniversary, where we took stock of the past few years while looking to the future. Rewind with us the movie of this crazy entrepreneurial adventure to better envision the future!

Kumojin, the beginnings

In the early days, Kumojin had two members: our two founders Lukasz Kokot and Julien Maitrehenry. Influenced by Japanese culture, they wanted to bridge the gap between the old and the new by creating a company that reflected their own vision. Did they imagine at the time that they would be joined by more than 15 developers over the following years? Not really, no.

Over the years, the company has grown and asserted itself more and more in the Quebec and international digital markets. Our quality work has been noticed, our customers have become loyal and our teams of software artisans have grown.

Kumojin's future

The adventure can't stop there! Our desire to expand the Kumojin community is in line with our growing internationalization. At the same time, we want to diversify our service offering by developing our two SaaS products: Aquire's and our own.

You'll be here in 5 years too? For images from this symbolic week, visit Kumojin's YouTube channel.

Julien and Luksaz, the 2 founders of Kumojin in Quebec

santane weill